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  1. Tex Gal
    04-07-2011 03:36 AM - permalink
    Tex Gal
    Did you ever get more light? Did you get your 75G up and running?
  2. Tex Gal
    02-25-2010 01:25 AM - permalink
    Tex Gal
    When you up your light you can get just about anything. Right now with 1 wpg and a 20 high I think you might just have to stick with mosses, javas and anubias. Even that's pushing it with 1 wpg. The hornwort is a floater so it's usually closer to the light.
  3. kjfan1
    02-24-2010 05:01 PM - permalink
    It is a 20H I hope to bump up to 2-3 WPG in a week. Maybe suggestions for the same light and suggestions for the upped light. When I see what I'm going to do then I will get more plants! I want some more variety and I plan on using these to fill a 75!
  4. Tex Gal
    02-24-2010 02:56 AM - permalink
    Tex Gal
    1 watt per gallon is not very much. Is your light T5HO? You could try javas and mosses. Maybe anubias. That is just such low light. Is your tank a 20 long?
  5. kjfan1
    02-22-2010 08:59 PM - permalink
    I heard you on the podcast and I was wondering what advice you could give me on how to progress a 20 gallon tank with hornwort and am. swords. What would a next level plant be. I have CO2 and 1 watt per gallon of light.
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