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  1. plantted77
    03-18-2009 10:13 AM - permalink
    Hey plantbrain

    Are you from England?

    Sorry I was going to wait for you to reply to my post within your thread on the practical fish keeping forum but after posting a link to it within this forum I've been told that you're on here to.

    I've copied and pasted what I wrote on the other forum below

    First off WOW beautiful tank and those Discus are amazing. Are they really that bright, I didn't know you could get discus in those colours!

    Tom you could be my savior, I'm planning on having a 10ftx4ftx4ft planted tank and I need to know what lighting and how much to fit and also what Co2 system to use and how much Co2 I'll be using per month on a tank this size.

    Being only 2 ft shorter than this tank I don't think my requirements will be much different to yours, can you help me out by answering these questions please?

    I'm going to have my Mbu Puffer (2.5ft fully grown), my South American Puffer (4inches fully grown), couple of pleckys (1ft fully grown) and some schooling fish in the tank (also thinking of 6 different Discus now to since I've seen yourr tank!).

    The plants I'm going to have are low light plants, here's the list I'll be picking from to plant (I won't be using all of them)
    Ceratophyllum demersum
    Egeria sp.
    Elodea densa
    Aponogeton crispus
    Anubia barteri nana
    Anubia afzelli
    Cabomba caroliniana
    Ceratopteris cornuta
    Cryptocorynes (all of them)
    Heteranthera zosterifolia
    Hemianthus micrantemoides
    Hygrophila (all of them)
    Limnophila aquatica
    Limnophila sessiliflora
    Lysimachia nummularia
    Microsorum (all of them)
    Myriophylum sp
    Najas indica
    Nymphaea sp.
    Nymphaea sp rubra
    Nymphoides aquatica
    Sagittarias (all of them)

    What watt per gallon would you recommend for these plants?

    What type of light's would you recommend and how many of these light's should I hang above my tank?

    What Co2 system should I use and how much Co2 will I need to use per month?

    Going by the plant's I'm going to plant do you still recommend I use Co2 or should I not bother?

    What system do you use to make the water changes easier?

    Do you have a diagram showing the setup of your sump?

    Please reply asap

    Thanks for your time and expertise
    ps Can you please tell me the names/spieces of each of thoses Discus
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