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Conversation Between msjinkzd and Teddifish
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  1. msjinkzd
    12-07-2011 11:48 PM - permalink
    Hello! It may be easier to track our discussion if you email or private message me Could you please provide me with some information about your tank (temperature, pH, hardness if possible) so i can better advise you
  2. Teddifish
    12-07-2011 10:23 PM - permalink
    Looking for a few good fish . . .


    I'm interested in buying about 4 habrosas, and a few shrimp that would get along well in a tank with just the habrosas, some endlers, and some otos. I might also be interested in a couple of drop-dead gorgeous snails. Could you please make some suggestions for the shrimp? They'll be in a small tank (10g) that's about 50% planted, two filters (one hang-on, one sponge), some mopani wood (for the catfish), smooth, small gravel substrate, and the tank-mates listed above. I'm new to shrimp and want to make sure I get only those I can keep happy. Thank you. ~Teddi
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