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A Group dedicated to Low-tech/Non CO2 Planted Aquariums and for the people who keep OR want to keep one. Discussions, sharing pics, tips & ideas on keeping successful Low-tech/Non CO2 Planted Aquarium.
71 3
A freshwater planted tank enthusiast club serving the Central Florida area and surrounding regions. Meeting are roughly every month and activities include sales, swaps, and general discussion of livestock, setups, tanks, lighting, DIY, plants, methods, and chemical parameters.
38 1
Trade Plants south west Florida!
13 3
A group created for MAC (My Aquarium Club) current and past members to share ideas, pics and advice. Let's talk about tanks, fish, plants or anything else interesting.
6 1
For lovers of Assassin Snails, Zebra Snails, Spixi Snails, Janpanese Trapdoor Snails and other Snails.
23 4
For devoted fans of the maddening 'Inept Depth' 55G aquarium: It's 4-feet wide, and just 12-inches front-to-back!
50 6
This group is for all those who just love bettas and wanna talk about them. No matter how big or small, how cool or simple your tank is, whether you have one or hundreds of bettas, as long as you love bettas then this is the group for you
41 5
This club exists for the sole purpose of passing knowledge about all species of shrimp! For those who just can't get enough of the lovely little guys!
38 2
The purpose of this group is to keep in touch with other young aquarium enthusiasts, share ideas, and keep this hobby going strong for our generation! [This group is intended for hobbyists under the age of 18]
52 7
This group is committed to those people using the Fluval Edge in its various iterations.
24 2
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