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Tanks: 29g w/ 10g sump.

Pump: Rio Plus 2500

Light: 2-T5 Dual Lamp Fixture- 2-6700K:outer, 2-colormax:middle, each at 14w, 8" above rim, 8h a day

CO2: DIY 24oz paintball w/ Rex's DIY CO2 Reactor on return, 2.5bps. On 24/7

Plants: 1 Waterlily, 4 Kyoto's, 2 ribbon's, 2 Anubias Barteri, dozen misc long stems and some Dwarf Baby Tears.

Fish: 15 Ghost shrimp, 1 Black Neon, 1 Neon, 2 Bettas.
2 06-15-2012 03:00 AM
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