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Picture 75 gallon
this tank was the result of a downsize in my home, tank info:

75 gal tank
Catalina T5 HO light, 3 54W
co2-empty right now-
fluval 405 filtration, no carbon
flora max mixed with eco complete substrate & bottom has iron rich red clay

Cryptocoryne Balansae (the one with the red stem)
C. Balansae green
C. Cordata Var. Blassi
C. Cordata var. Rosainberg (white veins)
C. Cordata var. who knows...some cordata hybrid..
C. Nurii
C. mohelmanii
C. Usteriana
C. Dwarf-unidentified..
Anubias sp "Gasser"
Anubia Coffefolia
Nuphar Japonica
Trident Java Fern
Java fern
Echinodorus Aflame
Echinodorus spp
Hygrophila Corymbosa "Angustifolia"
staurogyne rapens
Hygrophila Pinnatifida

Unidentified Tetras
Bushy nose plecos
Clown plecos, panaque maccus, Thanks Michael!
Appistograma Borelli, Thanks Bree!!
Corydoras Paleatus
Appistograma Cacatuoides "Orange Flash"
1 07-06-2011 06:22 PM
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