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BeastMaster project tanks
taken 16 Dec 2012
MixedGreens 30 cube profile 
started: 16 Oct 12 
lighting: Archaea 30cm LED & (2) Ehiem Power LED 
CO2: AquaticLife reg, 20oz paintball cyl, Do!Aqua...
vintage Pemco SS 5 gal profile 
started: Nov 12 
lighting: natural sunlight 
CO2: none 
filtration: none
Iwagumi 60 profile 
started: 11 Sep 12 
lighting: Finnex Ray 2 
CO2: AquaticLife reg, 20oz paintball cyl, Do!Aqua counter & 20mm glass 
DBP 5B  
lighting: Archaea 25cm clamp on & Up Aqua 25cm pendant clamp on 
filtration: custom OTS filter (Rio+90 powerhead/Fischer 9mm lily...
Mr Aqua 12g long "Kahawai" 
DSM start: 20 Mar 13
MixedGreens 30 cube close-up 
Microsorum pteropus "Windolov","Trident","Narrow leaf" & reg on (3) pieces of driftwood 
Echinodorus tenellus...
Iwagumi 60 close-up 
Hemianthus callitrichoides foreground & open left 
Echinodorus tenellus around hardscape 
9 Paracheirodon axelrodi 
vintage Pemco SS 5 gal close-up 
Echinodorus tenellus perimeter 
Hemianthus glomeratus midground 
Hemianthus callitrichoides foreground 
Lemna minor...
MacAquarium 20 cube close-up 
Hemianthus callitrichoides foreground 
Echinodorus tenellus backround 
3 Elassoma okefenokee 
Neocardina denticulata...
MacAquarium 20 cube profile 
started: 5 Sep 12 
lighting: Archaea 17cm LED 
CO2: AquaticLife reg, 20oz paintball cyl, Do!Aqua counter & mini glass...
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