The Planted Tank Forum - Chaoslord's Album: Aqueon evolve 8
Aqueon evolve 8
Aqueon evolve 8
Cut whole in filter chamber floor and used piece to block off side over flow.
Layered filter chamber
Eheim filter media

Red devil echindorous
Unknowen cryptocoryne
Variegated water wasteria
Peacock moss

Scarlet badis badis
Red fire shrimp

Low tech.
DSC 1110~2
DSC 0893
DSC 0700~2
IMG 20140212 191357
Don't like how the driftwood looks. Pulling it and putting crypts in its place. Throwing fontanus into tank untill i have enough to make a moss wall.
1 of the last pictures before a major rescape.
Top shot of red root floater 2-9-13
Fluval shrimp log 15$, java moss attached is free.
1 Portion 5$
Just growin
Just growing
Rrf top view.
Just a growing
Cleaned it up and put flourite gravel in. Also planted used media from main tank should be an instant cycle. Little surprised about the  cloudiness....
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