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My tanks
I have a 4 8x8x8 betta tanks and a 6 gallon full of berried shrimp.. all planted.
My latest tank.. 8x8x8" with a custom rock wall in the back with java moss on it... it's been updated with shrimp tubes.. photo coming
side view pre top stone placement.
my nano tank, i built the retaining wall, and used glass stones and abalone shells to build the 'water' it's a 8x8x8 tank and is home to 1 betta and...
This is my main tank (ignore the biobag, i'm priming it for a new filter)  
This is a 6 gallon Schuber Wright tank - love the low lead glass.  It's...
my new cube, first with driftwood... waiting for some blue shrimp :)
my first baby's cube, the plants look all wilted because it's at 90 degrees - he's just getting over ick (day 3 of treatment)
My betta cube that is being redone ... adding a retaining wall and 'river'
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