The Planted Tank Forum - kvuyk2's Album: 8g Aqueon Evolve Aquarium
8g Aqueon Evolve Aquarium
Red Cherry Shrimp and Aquatic Plant Tank
Taken November 16, 2012 after adding a male and female dwarf coral platies.  The tank lacked color and movement, and the fish additions fill the...
September of 2012
Late August of 2012.
Early August of 2012...packing the plants in.  "Variety is the spice of life," as they say.
The tank after another couple weeks and a visit to an LFS for more plants.
The first set-up and first day of the new RCS tank, set up ~July of 2012. 
Substrate: Grayish-White Eco-Complete Sand for Freshwater and Laterite...
The tank comes with a sweet LED lamp which I quickly traded up to a Fluval lamp.
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