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My tanks
29 Gallon
The blue "mysterious" snail.  He's big, and the tank belongs to him.
Updated pic of the 29 gallon
My new CPD's!!!!
Yes, the electric green skirt tetra DOES school with the rest.
School of black skirts
Updated tank pic.  Please excuse the breeder net!
There she her! Berried and ready to burst!
Berried RCS trying to dodge the camera
The GBR again.....
Kinda chunky.....maybe this is a she with eggs?!?!
Does this black skirt have eggs inside?
Why do I keep trying with this Endler?
The boys palling around
He's still too fast!!!!
That endler is too fast!
Whisker Shrimp Flying!!!!
Whisker Shrimp
Betta 2......the mean one!
The betta king!
29 Gallon Community
Black skirt and swordtail
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