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Various Tiny Tanks
2/7/13  Twin no-tech 2.5g endler tanks.
2/6/13  .75g newly planted
3"h x 4"dia bowl. 2x cherry shrimp, var. juvie pond and rams horn snails.
1"x1"x2" rescaped nano tank. xmas moss, gloss, dwarf baby tears. juvenile rams horn snail.
approx 1.75g cylinder. neocaridina propinqua
MTS brandy snifter 4.5"
started 10/15/12.
Orange shrimp in their new lava rock/black sand cylinder tank. And they even have their own pet--a cherry cull that hitched a ride on a bit of...
Whiskey glass MTS tank.
Re-scape of my tiniest tank. 1"x1"x2.5". Started three months ago.  
Flora: cardamine lyrata, dwarf baby tears, xmas moss, duckweed.  
Fauna: two...
1.5g no-tech.  Polished gravel.  
Set up to hold some excess hygro "tiger" clippings, it's turned into a way station for wayward nerites and vase...
.75 g no-tech bowl. 5x orange neos, 1x olive nerite, pond snails.    
Plants: cardamine lyrata, xmas moss, crypts, frogbit.
1x1x2.5. Two months along.
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