The Planted Tank Forum - Knotyoureality's Album: 37g
37g tall. Nova Extreme T5HO--upgraded to Marineland Aquatic LED with timer, No c02, weekly flourish--upgraded to Pfertz micro/macro and root tabs, weekly 20% wc. Eheim cannister filter (second filter and chiller removed-pending replacement)

Fauna (updated to most current stock list)
corydoras sterbai
black neon tetra
RCS (red cherry shrimp)
amano shrimp
zebra and orange spot nerites
pond, bladder, malaysian trumpet snails.
(pending re-introduction of ramshorn snails)
1x german blue ram

Plants: yes
Subject to change and I've probably got a few bits and bobs hiding in the underbrush but...

amazon sword, java fern, anubia, crypts, various hygros (sunset mostly), xmas moss, cardamine lyrata, ludwigia, baby tears, crinum, various floaters.
12/2013 Front half of tank is sand, back is original mix of fluorite/gravel.
summer 2013
12/14/12: tank ran a wee bit wild after my accident.
asian water grass roots.
Floaters: frogbit, red root floater, giant silvinia, asian watergrass, savlinia cucullata, duckweed, hornwort.
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