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My first planted tank, 40g
Some of the Christmas Moss I bougth arrived dead, but half of it survived.  It's growing pretty well in the tank now.
My tank, taped and ready for paint on the rim.
No water yet!
My stand, post-paint.  It was looking really rough before, but is nice and pristine now.
I bought a trimming package from scream-aim-fire here on TPT; they showed up in great condition.
My tank, current as of 7/19/12
I ordered plants from Singapore.  Despite being in customs for almost a week, they came through pretty decently.
Eheim 2213
I was a little worried when I filled the tank; the substrate made it so foggy!  It even said "don'r rinse!"  so I didn't.  It cleared up quickly,...
Clear water after about 5 hours of running the filter.
The used tank I bought had some damage to the edge, but it was less noticable after I painted it.
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