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Bow front fifty gallon
New tank for Christmas 2011, DH built the stand. 50 gallon (36x18x20), low tech, two Eheim canisters. A 36" T5HOx4 lighting fixture, with glowy blue LED moonlights, is plugged into three timers in the cabinet. Front lights in the first period, back lights in the second, LED's on and off at lights out, in-between time and morning prior to sunrise. Coolest night light in the living room ever!
July 16, 2012 re-scape with new driftwood. Added more cryptocornes, more Pennywort br., Vals, dwarf sag and anubius nana onto the driftwood.
One month of growth Jun to Jul 2012.
June 6, 2012 -- Potted crypts, stems of Brazilian pennywort, Hygrophilia difformis and Anacharis for heavily planted start. Added a school of 8 corys.
DH did an amazing job fitting the stand to the bow front of the tank. Check out those exactly-as-requested windows in the back panel for cords and...
April 28, 2012 -- It's a 50 gallon (36x18x20) blank slate -- so hard to leave alone when I get home from work.
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