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5 gallon Led Experiment
Little 5 gallon I set up to test out a few led lights
Only Ricca and glosso in there right now just started cycling this tank with new Ada amazonian 2 Ammonia is off the charts but plants are pearling and growing like crazy. The excel par calculator for par puts my par at about 900 but without a par meter who knows. So far so good no algae and extreme plant growth Co2 is at about 5 bps and using a modified pps dosing
new growth
new growth
diy led build  
14 3 watt cool white Cree xpg @ 1 amp ,  4 3 watt 660 NM red leds at 760 mA 
1 3 watt Cree Royal blue at  amp
This is a pic at about 20 percent of actual capability. They are on a dimmer
glosso and ricca
Leds dimmed to about 5 percent
And the lord said let there be light " Leds at 100 % lol just an experiment
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