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8 gal "Iwagumi"
Started a planted tank using a evolve 8. I've been doing quite a bit of research the last few weeks. I'm going to go Dsm with dwarf hair grass and not sure what else just starting as slow a possibly. I have the perticular look I want in my head and I think I got it as close as possible

Plan or using pressurized CO2. I'm thinking about plugging it into the pump out on the filter (good/bad?) or Is it way better to have a defuser?
Being that i'm a metal fab/ welder. I'm sure I can get it fairly cheap through our supplier.

Any help with gorgeous plants that can handle med lighting would greatly be appreciated.
Also would like is put neon Terta in the tank eventually.
I would love to make this kinda a nice living room piece.

Thanks in advance for the help.
primrose - Ludwigia palustris
removed a.sword
aquaeon evolve 8
full shot
CRS 9-23-12
week1  - white/turning brown algae
full tank week 1
full tank day1
2 months after dry start 4
2 months after dry start 3
2 months after dry start 2
2 months after dry start 1
side angle of the rock formation
picked up some dwarf hair grass and dwarf baby tears for the tank carpet. letting is sit for a couple months to let if grow and get well rooted. Then...
I went to a place called Classic Rock .they specialized in rock gardens and stones for homes. they let me pick through there broken stuff. 
Also used...
just picked it up today
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