The Planted Tank Forum - rmc2fc's Album: Planted 120 Build
Planted 120 Build
Planted & Humid
Micro Chain Sword, HC, Marsiliea Quadrafolia, Saururus Cernuus, Lizard's Tail, Nesaea Crassicaulis, Phillipine Java Fern
Marsilia Quadrafolia, Ammania 'Dwarf Bonsai', dwarf Sword, Micro Scords, Hemianthus Callitrichoides, Phillipine Java Fern
More from the 1st planting.
First plants...hc carpet
Mgops  substrate blend capped with black diamond blasting sand.
The tunnel before being covered in black diamond blasting sand.
Stand and tank in place.
Cable heating system installed.
Marineland lighting with metal halides rewired on a separate cord
The tank waiting for stand placement
The home made stand...4x4's, 2x4's, plywood  top, 2 hours labor.
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