The Planted Tank Forum - Gplus's Album: 55 Gallon newly planted 4/2012
55 Gallon newly planted 4/2012
This is my newly planted 55 gallon tank. The tank itself has been running for over 2 years. Dosing Seachem line of liquid ferts with the addition of some kent iron and Pro plant for now. Switching to dry ferts when I run out! Any questions or suggestions please feel free and ask! That's what we're all here for!

*Rena xp2, Coralife 9w uv, Hydor 300 heater
*Red sea 500 powerhead, Penguin Maxijet 600 (to diy spraybar)
*20lb co2 Milwaukee reg. to Rex Grigg reactor (on filter intake..I know, I know. Lack of space stopped me from running it on the output.)
*30lb Eco complete mixed with regular rock.

*Hygrophila Augustifolia (blue bell)
*Amazon Sword
*Micro sword
*Water Sprite
5/2012 growth since last month!
5/2012 growth since last month!
5/2012 growth since last month!
Inline Rex Grigg Style Co2 reactor. 16 inches total length. 2 inch diameter pipe.
Under the tank, about as neat as I can make it look :-P
Tank around 3 weeks into Live planted.You even get a shot of me in the reflection:-p! Decent plant growth already (the anacharis have taken off!) Any...
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