The Planted Tank Forum - JustAStart's Album: First Tank
First Tank
This was my first tank. It's only 5gal and was originally purchased for a Betta. I currently have 2 neon tetras, 2 glotetras, 2 moss balls, and 2 anubis minima.
This is the tank as it looks now.  Pretty plain, I know, but I'm thinking of putting a lot of effort into the 30 gal once I get it up and running!
Here are the other 3 fish currently residing in this tank.  I think once I get the 30 gal up and running I'll switch them over and possibly make this...
Here's a little glotetra.  The moss balls always hold onto the black sand for some reason, so I've given up on trying to clean them off.
This was taken right after I placed the anubis minima in.  Notice my little orange love in the lefthand corner?  He kickstarted my aquatic obsession!...
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