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My Therapy - 75 Galon Heavily Planted
After a long day at work, one of my enjoyments is to come home and, after spending time with my family, is to sit in front of my tank and enjoy all the fishes, Snails, Cherry Shrimps and plants interact with one another. Why can't we all get along just as they do? :)
Who is to say they all get along!
Enjoy my pictures and feel free to comment.
Planting my Large Amazon Sword.  This girl grows taller than my tank.
One week after the final planting.
My 10lb. CO2 tank with a Milwaukee MA957 Regulator.  I currently have it releasing 2/3 bubbles X second.
Cascade 170 Canister filter.  This is the first time I have tried one of them.  I obtained it for free!  So far it is working pretty well and it is...
Front view of my 75 gallon tank.  Most of my plants are from the green spectrum.  This is why I have asked for some input on plants with more red on...
Left side view.
Right side view.
Additional picture.
Cherry Shrimp doing its thing; eating / cleaning.  They are awesome to watch.  Great "personality".
Cherry Shrimps "playing around".  The white granite substrate makes a great contrast with their red coloration.
One of the species of snails that came with my plants.  Does anyone knows what kind of snail it is?
I am not sure what kind of driftwood this is, but it is nice too.  I inherited it with the plants.
Right side view.  Plants were still adapting to their new home.
The HOT Magnum is the best filter when making serious cleaning and to get rid off debris.  I strongly recommended.
Planting process.  This was a looooong night.
This piece of driftwood turned out to be longer than the tank.
Plants waiting to be planted.  Among the bunch, Water Wisteria, etc.
I was doubting myself.  Did I get myself into a HUGE mess attempting to setup this planted tank?
Point of No Return.  It took for ever to fill up the tank.
Adding already treated water.
Adding the new gravel.  Thanks to my two little helpers, the process when faster.
Before the Cascade Canister, I used a Penguin 350.  I replaced it since it was making way too much noise.
Leveling the gravel and getting rid of on wanted stuff on it.
Gravel ready!  Ready for Planting.
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