The Planted Tank Forum - xCitol's Album: 37G Updated 3/26/12
37G Updated 3/26/12
Filter: Eheim G160 (2075)
Heater: Aqueon Pro Heater 150W
Lighting: FishNeedIt 2x24W T5HO (10hr Photo period)
Dosing: Flourish,Flourish Excel, Flourish Iron
CO2: No (Possible DIY in the future)
Waiting for some flakes lol.
FTS - 3/26/12 
Crypt Wendtii 
Amazon Sword 
Java Moss 
Java Fern 
Trident Fern
FTS - 3/17/12 
Water Wisteria 
Ludwigia Repens 
Amazon Swords 
Java Fern 
Trident Fern 
Water Sprite 
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