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Tiger Lilly1
Tiger Lilly1
Picture Added 12-03-2011 04:51 PM
Added by paducahfishfan

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  1. Serigrapher
    02-06-2012 03:47 PM - permalink
    Nice. I wish I had the space (and money) to do a large tank. How deep is that substrate?
  2. paducahfishfan
    05-24-2012 02:32 PM - permalink
    I got this tank on Craigslist for $350 bucks. That included the tank, a canister filter, heater, stand and canopy. The canopy had a pair of T-8 lights. I put in two GLO T-5 ballast and fans. Added a TrueTemp heater and an FX-5 filter. It has a 40 pound back of organic dirt. About 80 pounds of floret and 120 pounds of black sand. The substrate is a good 5 inches. I wanted a deep and solid cap since organic dirt is primarily cow manure. ;-)

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