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Fluval Fever
Description? I just wasted a few hundreds on these tanks.
First attempt at a carpet and Moss on Wood. Twain Moss grew extremely fast, had to get rid of it.
Older picture of my carpet finally starting to spread.
Most recent picture, the plant in the middle was a  hitch-hiker that grew into the beast you see before you. It was a lonely single...
Fluval12 3 
Just a side shot.
Fluval12 4 
I'm sure you can guess what this picture is. Geeze.
Painted Red Shrimp, they gave me one instead of a cherry. Maybe he just flew into the bag.
Fluval12 2
Fluval12 1
No idea how I want to place these.
OHKO stone and some plain drift wood.
Don't mind the wall art, didn't realize how girly it made the whole place look until it was on the wall.
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