The Planted Tank Forum - Hcancino's Album: 60 gallon tetra tank
60 gallon tetra tank
7 long fin serpae tetras
7 bleeding heart tetras
6 black skirt tetras
2 amano shrimp
2 otos
1 unknown shrimp
10+ malaysian snails
2 ramshorn snails

Java moss
Java ferns
Amazon sword
Rotala rotundifolia
Unknown anubis
Unknown stem plant

48in AquaticLife T5HO two 54watt bulbs. 1 6500K and 1 10000K

Fluval 305
2 power heads

coming soon CO2
newly scaped and replaced the blue bulb that went out with a 6500K plant.
added th unknow stem plants
unknown shrimp
added some hair grass and a fluval 305
made a java moss wall
plants growing
he hitched a ride on some plants i bought
added java moss and some other type of rotala(i think)
right side
left side
added plants. some rotala rotundifolia and anubis
new lights! AquaticLife two 54watt T5HO
second piece of driftwood and added serpae tetras and bleeding heart tetras
driftwood piece 1
24 hours later it cleared up alot
HOT magnum filter
new location took out white gravel and added 80 pounds of eco complete. blurry
front shot
side shot
before i cleaned it. it used to be in the sunroom.
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