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56g column
DSC 1445~2
DSC 1114~2
Havent updated album in a while. So here is one.
Justa growing
Rescape. The driftwood was taking up to much room the other way.
Starting to flower
Red devil,parva, and mini.
Justa growing
Justa growing
Crypt nurri close up
Justa growin
Uploaded for a comparison shot for you. This is about 1 week old.
Comparison for the macrandra
Variegated macrandra. Growing it back out.
Done moving the driftwood. Had to pull ceramic log first for placement. Needed time to rescape the aqueon 8 first. I do think im going to trim the...
About two weeks before i pulled. Measured 32" when i pulled.
German blue rams from matt.
Lightning crashes?
Before rescape
Mermaid weed pearling.
Crypt cf affinis. 5$.
Peacock covered driftwood already soaked.  20$
Echinodorus parviflorus 'Dwarf' 
Grows very nice. I did not know you can split them. I thought the propagate thru spiking. Next time i move it ill...
This is what i trimed out. I can hold till tomorrow. Its a lot better than the pics you showed me. If you want i can post another pic of this plant...
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