The Planted Tank Forum - cichlid hoover man's Album: my 6 yrs old 10 G tank
my 6 yrs old 10 G tank
Drift wood(Malaysian)
Flourite and gravel
3 neontetras
3 Zebra danios
1 X-ray tetra
2 fancy guppies
Albino algae eater, Bettas gone. Pink killed red and 4 other fish. Now fish are happy. One cherry shrimp and a Japanese Algae Shrimp
3 or 4 Nerite's
Java Fern, Pigmy chain, Dwarf Hairgrass, Anubia
Crypts, Some sort of moss, Dwarf sword, Wisteria
No CO2 just water changes and seachem plants fert and tabs
As of right now my 7 year old has made some changes. 
A boat with  
Water sprite 
Dwarf sword 
Started withThe moss was willow and I ended up taking it out, never greened the way I wanted it
2011 05 26 19 57 30 398
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