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20 Gal. Aquarium
Theses are pictures of the aquarium in my bedroom. It has been setup for about 11 months so its still not fully established IMHO. There are currently 4 adult Otocinclus and many fry of various sizes.
Tank size: 20 Gallon
Lighting: 55w Compact Fluorescent Lighting Kit(AHsupply)
Substrate: Silica Sand(Pool Filter Sand)
Species Inhabitants:Otocinclus(vittatus maybe?), Malaysian Trumpet Snails, CrownTail Betta(in a 30 gallon alone until the Oto fry get too big to fit in his mouth.)
I've moved the 55w Compact Fluorescent Lighting Kit(AHsupply) to my 30 Gallon. I decided a DIY Canopy with two T8 tubes 6 inches above the tank would...
Moonlight 6
Moonlight 5
Moonlight 4
Moonlight 3
Moonlight 2
Moonlight 1
I can't get over my vesuvius bronzing it looked amazing.
After a massive pruning
Some Oto in front of the filter output they may not be getting enough oxygen or they may love the current lets hope it was the latter.
Oto Fry could be a week or so in age.
Is it ironic that the very thing that is suppose to clean algae is covered in it LOL(Thread or String),the bog-wood was covered in cyno-bacteria and...
This is a picture of the tank when it was a couple months old. I've flipped the bog-wood and I got inpatient and abruptly pulled all of it out of the...
One of the Otocinclus fry this one is from the first time they spawned in the aquarium.
I got some Malaysian Trumpet Snails about 7-10 of them 3 months ago.... I got some Malaysian Trumpet Snails about ...... well look at the picture you...
Aquarium front.
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