The Planted Tank Forum - bonaparte's Album: My low tech, 29 gallon high tank
My low tech, 29 gallon high tank
Some of the cardinal tetras and my Crypt. w. Tropica.
The side view.
One of my Panda Corys.
My juvenile albino Ancistrus. I'm still holding out hope that it's a male and gets the bristles, but theirs certainly no sign of that now.
My Foersch's barbs. Beautiful fish: their scales are iridescent. They're also pretty mellow for barbs and rarely nip at anything.
Between the bushynose, the corys and the amanos I've got 8 creatures in the tank just working cleanup, but none of them work harder than my SAE.
Tetras and barbs coming out to feed.
One of my amanos grazes by Anubias nana "Petite."
My tank on 4/1/2011, just about two months old.
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