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Experimental Aquariums: 15gal tall & 5gal cube
Some images of my two aquariums that I built: a 15 gallon tall, and a 5 gallon cube. These images are part of a series that I printed as 11x14 and mounted in a portfolio book to show at the Aquatic Gardners convention in Atlanta. The 15 gallon-tall was an aquarium designed for my cubicle at work. I built all the wooden structures and designed the overall system so that no equipment resides in the actual tank... the lower cabinet houses a compact maze of equipment, hard plumming, and a slick electrical system.

The tanks are so prolific that I frequently get flowers at the surface. The image with the blue background and white flower is one of my favorites. It's just the surface level of my 15gal aquarium. The long tall green grass seen in the other images is what sends up those white flowers.

The five gallon cube sits on my kitchen counter... It's a really fun tank, I love the way it sparkles like a vibrant stream with darting fish and verdant greens. It has all the same equipment as the 15 gallon, but just scaled down. The plants grow amazingly fast in these two tanks.

Both tanks utilize garden soil that I dug up from my backyard. I sent a sample off to be analyzed for minerals, pestisides, fertilizers, and hazardous chemicals. The results came back clean and indicated a moderately rich loamy soil.... I've been using it for years.

I have a big soft leather chair that sits right in front of the 15 gallon tank. One of my favorite things to do is sit and watch while eating dinner. The colors are soothing, and movement of the fish is so relaxing.
aquarium AGA  DES0065 429 x 600
aquarium AGA  DJS0019 800 x 571
aquarium AGA  DJS0069 800 x 571
aquarium AGA  DJS0023 800 x 571
aquarium AGA  DJS0051 800 x 571
aquarium AGA  DJS0119 429 x 600
aquarium AGA  DJS0163 800 x 571
aquarium AGA  DJS0195 800 x 571
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