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125 gallon progression
I'll show the progression of my low-tech 125 gallon planted here. Its going to be a long road.
where I'm currently at.  It just looks beautiful in my living room and i watch it more that I do TV.  I can't begin to explain the stress relief...
Oh no, someone just crossed over into high tech...  I love this thing.
Doing a water change.  I'm getting the hang of it now.  I have my dosing down, I've removed a great deal of my driftwood because of the deadspots it...
I went to the lake and found two pieces of driftwood that I wanted to add for contrast.  I added the hard maple pieces to the right.  I have also...
Now THAT is a light.
tax return time is like christmas time for an adult.  I ditched my 2 inadequate coralife lamps for this 600 dollar 6 x 80 watt T5HO monster.  Later...
all in all its coming along.  I've added some hornwort and lace fern here and there.  I am putting any plant I can get my hands on in t here at this...
I did some relocating and the plants are growing but not too fast due to low light and lack of ferts
My first attempt at making a carpet.  This did not work, no co2, minimal fert dosing.  I'd be lucky to maintain water parameters at this point. ...
some new plants in and the driftwood looks great.  I would later find out that this aquascape prohibits water flow and will lead to massive algae...
moss attached and ready to go in the tank
real, hard wood, driftwood.  The real deal
I don't have much in there yet but i'm having a blast and I think I'm an uber aqua gardener at this point.
I aquired what I would later find out was a piece of soft wood screwed to slate with a lag bolt that is most likely responsible for the countless...
I have a lilly that is off to a great start
planted and growing
Started adding plants.  Of course I have to get anachris, who doesn't get anachris?
First two light fixtures that I bought - 30" coralife dual T8 fixtures.  Good lights but not what I need to be able to purchase high light plant life...
I had to leave the pot and the LFS decor in the tank to assist with the cycle.  As much as I didn't like it they had to stay.
First plant biomass to go into the tank... some christmas moss tied to a rock with some fishing line.
Full of water, temp turned up, bubbler on, and cycle going.
A cost that I sure didn't take into account was substrate.  I had to purchase 288 lb of floramax to cover the bottom of this aquarium in 3" to...
All set up.
size comparison and the last time the ol' 55 will be in the picture.
6 of the 14 bags of floramax I purchased for this tank.  The cost of the substrate rivaled the cost of the stand.

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