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20 Gallon
I started this tank out with the intention of being a planted tank, and at first it was not, but it got there.
This is how it looks now. After I moved it to make room for my 45 gal. and combined it with my 10 gal. that is no longer set up.
Finally spent some time weeding, so to speak, and got a background for it too.
After the addition of some hornwort, 2 types of Java Fern, and some Mopani Wood.
After the move when everything from the original 10 gal. went into the 20 gal. I also took out some of the grass, and put some anacharis in it.
The first plants I ever put in it where two tufts of Mondo Grass. I know, bad idea. I found that out later.
This was the start of the 20 gal. It had plant specific substrate, and a few fake plants in it. And a breeder box that never did its job, but later...
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