The Planted Tank Forum - Clint's Album: Pics
Evolve8 with white dragonscale betta, crypts, and a nana. 
(and a catappa leaf)
My 29 after i removed about 90% of the vals, and 60% of the crypts that had overran it.  Almost forgot there was anything else in there they were so...
He's starting to get some white back.  (his whole belly use to be white, then he went solid red)
37 gallon
90 gallon
My little koi angel.
My white ryukin goldfish with a little orange eyeshadow. ;)
My white oranda, seems a lil shocked that i took his pic.  I'll have to try to get a new pic of him, he is much bigger and his "lionhead" has really...
My 90 gallon before i finished building my wet/dry filter and stocked it.  Removed the HOB filter and moved the sponge filter and heater to the sump....
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