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2.5 Nano Tank
It's in progress so yeah... Also I lost my camera but I found the memory card. I tought I have more pictures but guess not.
2.5gal, with a false wall. I bought java fern from a local for 1 dollar a hand-full. So it's covering the bottom of the DW. 
Plants are: 
Full tank shot of the tank. 
 Left side is the display chamber and the left side is the filtration chamber. 
This is the light I got:...
Filtration Chamber. 
Left: Power head and bio media. Outflow. 
Middle: Heater (if needed) and filter floss and more bio media. 
Right: Sponges and...
Overview of the tank. 
Lid on the tank. Cover for filtration chamber. Lights. And ziploc bag full of anubias nana and some petites.
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