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Small Glass Jar Water Gardens with Snails
Just amusing myself with small table top water gardens with a few snails and plants.
My now heavily populated snail water gardens, and on the right front- is my African Dwarf Frog garden. It was made December 23, 2011, and 6 frogs...
Planted snail gardens. The jar on the left has changed over time. It is somewhat a tangled jungle but I like it that way. 
The jar to the right has...
Pink Rams Horn Snail (not my own photo) 
I want one of these rare pink snails!
Jar close with more plants
Recently added a few more plants to see how they do in this dim natural light. Right now some sun is bouncing off of the white house next door.
Close up of desktop water garden in glass.
Water garden in glass,made August 24, 2010 
Four snails and plants as a desktop display at my computer. 
Gets some natural light from a north facing...
Close up of just planted jar.
Cose up of jar two weeks later. Plant is growing and water is clear.
Close up of just planted jar.
Just planted jar. The water is still cloudy from sand and took about 2 weeks to settle clear.
Simple low maintenance.
So far 4 snails...I know...I know...soon that will be 4,000 snails, but I like them.
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