The Planted Tank Forum - Finalplay10's Album: 29 Gallon High Tech Planted Tank
29 Gallon High Tech Planted Tank
Plants: Xmas Moss, Dwarf Hair Grass, Glosso, Crypt Wendtii 'green', Crypt Lucens, Nymphea Micranthea, Ludwigia Repens, and Limnophila Repens 'mini'

Fertilizers: Root Medic Macro and Micro w/ Root Tabs

Substrate: ADA Aquasoil

Filter: Eheim 2213 w/ spray bar and Marineland 350 pro

Equipment: Coralife UV Sterilizer, Ultimate C02 System (Thanks GLA), Coralife T5HO Lights (10k/6700), Hydor Inline Heater, GLA Inline C02 Diffuser, and Hydor Koralina Nano.

Inhabitants: Will be a High Grade Shrimp tank in the future.
Right side of my tank with some Glosso, Dhg, Ludwigia Repens, and the 2 crypts are also in there as well. The crypts have been in there for around 2...
Left Side of my tank with some Glosso, Dhg, and Ludwigia Repens.
Full Tank Shot. As you can see the Glosso and Dhg are starting to send off runners. The Nymphea has also sprouted to brand new leaves that are nice...
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