The Planted Tank Forum - fishnovice's Album: Favorites from my own aquarium
Favorites from my own aquarium
An assortment of pictures I consider appealing of my own inverts and fish.
This is my favorite clam.  I took this picture during setup.  The moss started naturally; the clam was situated close to a giant Marimo ball.  I've...
The mascot, Frogger, now has three tiny friends.  We rescued them from PetSmart.  Two males, and a female friend for her.
Finally, one of them remained still long enough to take a picture.  Perhaps one of the darker ones will soon.
My first canopy DIY.  The tank has been setup for almost three weeks.  Everything inside was transplanted from my original 10g.
Ghost shrimp giant.  I rescued three of these $0.33 rascals from PetSmart last year.  They are thriving, multiplying and enjoying their royal...
One of the mystery snails.  This one is second generation from my son's tank.  I like the pink / bluish coloring with the striped shell.
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