The Planted Tank Forum - Navigarden's Album: 10gal Betta Kingdom
10gal Betta Kingdom
My first real tank much less a planted one!
Eco-complete Substrate
Drift Wood
Coralife 24inch light
Oto Niger
Otocinclus Niger. I am in love with these little guys! So much cooler than regular Otos, smaller and avid algae cleaners. They blend right in with my...
Houdini, My mystery snail!
Dwarf spotted rasboras (12 in tank). This is a shot of my alpha in the shoal! He's awesome. These little guys have so much spunk.
My beautiful double tail betta.
Water Lettuce (small). I love this stuff!
DW close up.
Background Plant.
Tank from the right, check out my DIY CO2 bottle lol.
Tank from the left.
Right side shot. Anubias Nana, Purple Waffle (not a true aquatic, has been removed), my hagen mini elite filter (used for DIY CO2 dispersion).
Center close up. Medium sized crypt.
Left side close up. Crypt in the foreground and Wisteria behind the DW.
10gal Betta Kingdom.
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