The Planted Tank Forum - HEINEKEN357's Album: 55Gal Serenity Passion
55Gal Serenity Passion
Tank specs Update
55gal 48x12.5x20.75
Catalina Aquarium t5ho solar 4x54 1x10k 2x6500k 1xplant grow bulb 7hours
filter Rena Xp3 just bio stars and sponges
filter Rena Xp1 just sponges and running diy clear co2 reactor 21in
2 Drop Checker in the Yellow
10pound aluminum co2 tank Milwaukee regulator 5-6Bps
6in Fluorite
2 Big driftwoods
1 Neon tetra
4 Black tetra
11 Cardinal Tetra
25+ cherry shrimp
10+ CRS
kh 5
gh 18
temp 76
ammonia 0

Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata Cuba
Echinodorus Indian red
Cabomba furcata
Rotala sp singapore
Rotala sp Colorata
Ludwigia sp Guinea
Ludwigia Glandulosa
Ammania Sp Bonsai
Blyxa Japonica
Limnophila Aromatica
rotala Wallichii
Bacopa Colorata
Crs and cherry hanging out
55g Growing out of controll
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