The Planted Tank Forum - ZID ZULANDER's Album: Misc photos
Misc photos
IMG 0902
IMG 0935
IMG 1880
IMG 1881 wm
IMG 1901 wm
IMG 1894 wm
IMG 1897
IMG 1878
IMG 1626
IMG 1903
Orange Shrimp
Yellow Shrimp
Horned Nerite
Shrimp Ninja  with horn nerites
Poso Crystal shrimp F1
More Orange shrimp
Orange Shrimp
Red Spotted Macro Shrimp
Zebra Nerite
Assassin Snail
Sulawesi Red Bee ( hitch hiker from 1st Cardinal Order )
Vampire Oto
Moss picture from Stream in Lee Vining, CA.
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