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my planted 40g tank
This is my planted 40g(community) tank l set up for about 6 months now it has a big piece of driftwood with java moss clumps on it along with a piece of limestone due to the c02 bringing down the ph(due to carbonic acid) i want it to balance it out. and hydro's on the left side(more visible) and right, some hairgrass on the bottom close to the center along with mini swords runners on the left corner. currently has 3 siamese flying fish, 5 harlequin rasboas,5 white clouds, 2 red/black tetras(forgot the actual name) and about 3 cherry barbs. has a external canister filter, co2 injected (5lb bottle), t5 ho (2atinic 2 10k's system)brand is nova extreme if i remember correctly. l also have a background usually held with magnets rock design (ill post pictures soon)l recently got a electric blue ram and he's a smart one waiting to get fed following my hand movements. any comments or positive criticism/help is greatly appreciated or any ideas to make it better. thank you for viewing
just the ram behind some moss on my driftwood
my electric blue ram he was expensive 50 originally but i got it on sale for 37$ at amazonia @ austin texas and he's so worth the price, he basicaly...
aquarium right side i tried to split the aquarium in two pictures to see if it looked better i'm using my phones camera so that's why it looks crappy
my aquarium (left side)
my red serpae tetra
aquarium overall(sorry for bad quality)
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