The Planted Tank Forum - popkin's Album: The 90
The 90
I just wanted to play around a bit with a planted, soft water tank. This tank has re-ignited my interest in aquaculture. I do love my tetras and kuhlis!
Result of one rotala stem.
Kuhli view of the cave
Frankie in front, wisteria cave to the side which the gourami seems to like, and a pile of java moss that has caught a baby java fern. So it's java...
photoshopped snail :)
Rotala started from a small cutting
dwarf baby tears, which died back completely before starting to re-grow.
Started from another java fern in the tank.
Rotala indica, started from a cutting
Left side of the tank.  Starting a Rotala forest in front of a java fern and cave.  Green hedge in front of an amazon sword to the right.
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