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Some if not all the fish in my tanks.
Kinda blurry pic of my L128, he sorta looks like a L200 perhaps he is? :/
A pic of my 50 gallon tank, again its already outdated.
L128 my Blue Phantom PLeco
Another of my male Aequidens Pulcher.
What was supposedly sold as a "Red Hump" has turned out to be a geophagus brasiliensis.
My pride and glory, 6", 6 year old Three Spot Gourami.
Tank wall is kinda scratched :/
Male juvenile Blue Acara.
And the female, they're a lot bigger now.
Cichlasoma Portalegrense "Port Acara" in their breeding/rearing tank.
Looking a little skinny.
Mom guards the eggs, while dad nomomoms.
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