The Planted Tank Forum - fishydaze's Album: setting up Lil' Red
setting up Lil' Red
Aquarium Plan
Right Endview of tank-Note how deep this hill is, depth perception is so weird from this angle
Left end of tank
Love Bowfront Distortion
Right Front corner: green on red as good as expected!
The left front corner of Lil' Red 
Someday I will get around to reloading this right way up
Full Tank Shot 2 weeks In: Nana Petite Anubias, Java Moss (not, but that's what they called it when I bought it), and narrow leaf Java Fern, and a...
With Water and a few plants bought without enough research (that Alternanthera won't maintain in the LOWest of LIght in the Eclipse).
The Red Hills forming on mixed dark and regular flourite.
Any one else see a dragon in the driftwood? (looking to the left)
6g Eclipse...with cool piece of driftwood. Just needing some rocks.   Bought when found online someone saying its a good tank if you just upgrade...
Lovin' the Rocks
The Inspiration
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