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20 Gallon Long
A little more tech on this one but still nothing fancy :)

up and running since 12/05

hagen Co2 latter with DIY

36 watts of t-5 (1colormax bulb, 1 6700K bulb)8hrs
20 watts of t-8 "life-glo" 10hrs

aquaclear 50 HOB

75 watt jager heater

eco-complete and small black gravel

FAUNA: 9 rummy nose tetras, 2 Aeneas corys, 2 Julii corys, 4 otos, 4 amano shrimp, 1 bamboo shrimp

FLORA: Dwarf Sagittaria, Amazon sword(2 varieties, I think black and melon?), Hygrophyla difformis, Bacopa monnieri, Rotala indica, Nymphaea pubescens(lotus)

2/26/09: added a bunch of rotala indica today, took out the java moss

3/1/09: taking a new approach to trimming today I'm going to begin a more gradual thing where i just do a few stems at a time so rotala doesn't have that "mowed lawn" look.

4/5/09: gave up on gradual trimming and mowed the lawn :D- all well! I also thinned out the wisteria today and got some credit at the LFS for my newest edition to the tank:Hemianthus micranthemoides to be grown epiphitically on the driftwood. also got some seachem potassium to add to my dosing regiment.

4/10: took t-8 fixture and glass lid off the tank. I rigged the t-5 fixture to be about 2 inches over the water surface- looking forward to some emersed growth :)

4/14: added 5 more rummys (9 total now) and a bamboo shrimp
november 19 09
november 19 09 clearer water
november 09 rescape6
november 09 rescape5
november 09 rescape4
november 09 rescape3
november 09 rescape2
november 09 rescape
another early november
early november
after the trim 6/21/09
after the trim 6/21/09
after the trim 6/21/09
june 015
overgrown AH! 6/21/09
overgrown 6/21/09
false julii 5/30
rummys 5/30
aneus cory 5/30
rummy's 5/30
the oldest oto /30
newer oto's
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