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6.5 Gallon
My lowest tech tank

up and running since 2/06

lace java fern (Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov'), java moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri), and anubias barteri nana

little HOB that came with tank (prob. should upgrade but it's been 3 years)

25 watt stealth heater

15 watts t-8 life-glo
excel started 2/26
no Co2

3 neons

2/26/09: did a little re-scape on this tank today added a couple little piees of drift wood and spread out the java ferns and anubias, also i addedd the algae infested java moss from my 20L- snails have their work cut out for them. also started dosing excel
november 09 4
november 09 3
november 09 2
november 09 1
new cherries acclimating
new cherries
tank stand
right side
left side
new loach in filter ?!?
new loaches
fts 5/9
new anubias nana
temporary housing
java ferns
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