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27G planted
16th of November.  
A shoal of cardinal tetras (19) 
A shoal of White Cloud Mountain minnows (20) 
3 corydoras paleatus 
3 corydoras...
Driftwood with Anubias Barteri Nana and Petite. 
The Nana is blooming
Blooming Anubias barteri nana 
Excuse the particulates, I just removed some fish from the tank.
One of my baby bristles
Blooming hornwort
Blooming hornwort
October 24th 
Just removed the fish that came with the tank. Tank now has cories, bristlemouth pleco and cardinal tetras, next week I'll get 20 White...
As of today, October 16th 2013.
Day four after finishing.
Just added plants to a newish tank
Day 1 after finishing
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