The Planted Tank Forum - h2osanity's Album: Tanks of sanity
Tanks of sanity
new juvie german blue ram
amano boudoir
35 gallon July
neocardinia sp green
20 Gallon substrate experiment 
Clay sand, gravel, quartz pebble 
65W CF Coralife fixture 
*new* Bubble Ladder with DIY CO2 
various crypts,...
20 gallon different camera settings
10 gallon no tech tank. 
AC HOB filter. 
18 W CF light 
Geo system substrate. 
Java fern, crypts, marimo ball, java moss, ludwigia, water sprite...
Amano shrimp basking in the light
female oto
microgeophagus altispinosa (bolivian ram)
cherry shrimp
homebred male guppy
2 kuhli chaos
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