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Rescue Crab Habitat
An impulse chain store purchase, this little guy was put thru the proverbial wringer by his hapless owner before landing in my hands.

ORIGINAL: Planted vase approx 1.5g

Substrate: mixed tan/black sand
Hardscape: Lava rock, a few manzanita twigs

Initial set up included: anubia nana petite, java fern, threadleaf java fern, xmas moss, baby tears, cardamine lyrata, duckweed, frogbit, red root floater and some bits of riccia.

Fauna: 1x red claw crab, various pond/rams horn snails.

5g standard tank
Sand and gravel with stacked sandstone
Malaysian Driftwood/manzanita twigs

Flora: frogbit, duckweed, pennywort, java fern, cardamine lyrata, threadleaf java fern, xmas moss, baby tears, shredded marimo moss ball, bits of this and that.

Fauna: 3x red claw crab, half dozen cherry shrimp culls, various snails (rams, pond, mts) and a quartet of endler fry.
4/16 introduced more plants, submersed and emergent and tweaked the hard scape elements.
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