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55 Gallon
This is the start of a 55 Gallon planted tank set up 12-15-12. Going through the normal ups and downs of learning how to maintain it. I was planning higher light, but am currently playing with medium to learn.
55 Gallon

(have fixrure for 4 @ 54watt T5HO, but removed some bulbs)
1 @ 54watts 12 hours. (10-10)
1 @ 54watts. 6 hours. (12-6)
T5NO lighting:
1 @ 28watts 12 hours. (10-10)
4 LED Moonlights

Cascade 1000 Cannister Filter
Cascade 300 HOB Filter
Hycor 300 submersible heater (80)
Eco Complete 60% - Fine black gravel 40%

Just added DIY CO2. (3-18-13) Currently using 2-2 liter bottles. Diffused through glass airstone pushed into intake of 260 gph King Powerhead. The mist is fine to the point of pinsize bubbles that flow to other end and are blown back around by cannister outflow. In 3 days I am seeing growth on plants that were just maintaing before. (YEA!!!)

Excel 10ml. Daily
Flourish Comprehensive. 10ml. 2x's weekly
Iron supplement weekly
Aqueon Plant food 5 ml. Daily.

Amazon Sword
Jungle VAL
Oscelot Sword
Java Fern
Christmas Moss
Micro Sword
Red Crypt of some sort
Green Murillo
Hair Grass

2 male/1 female Boesmani Rainbowfish
1 male/1 female Turquoise Rainbowfish
1male Red Rainbowfish
1 male Checkered Rainbowfish
1 Platinum Angel
2 German Blue Rams
3 Albino Cory
2 Otto's
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